Dental Assistant and Externship Job Openings Available Now

101 Dental is hiring! We are looking for Externship candidates too!

New dental assistants or students interested in a dentistry career are invited to send resumes via email to  or for our job opening. We are looking for bilingual, interactive, and dependable Registered Dental Assistants that would love to be trained in the various areas of our dental practice. Externship is a good starting point.

101 Dental Patient Forms

Click the links below to download new patient information, medical history, and consent forms.
Patients may bring in filled out forms to save registration time.
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101 Dental & Orthodontics Patient Information Form with Medical History (English)

101 Dental & Orthodontics Patient Information Form with Medical History (Español)

101 Dental & Orthodontics HIPAA Consent Form (English/Español Bilingual)

Insurance Financial Facts

101 Dental & Orthodontics Insurance Facts Form (en Español)

101 Dental & Orthodontics Insurance Facts Form (English)

About 101 Dental & Orthodontics

Dr.Chang is graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. She has been practicing Dentistry for over 28 years and has intensive training and experience in variety aspects of Dentistry. Be it restorative, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, implantology and non-IV sedation. She has all. Because of her extensive background and experiences she can provide the complete dental service for every member of your family. She is your one stop dental service provider that can meet all your dental needs.


In many patients cases she can place dental implants and restore the crowns, so that patients do not have to spend valuable time to be referred out for different specialists and put up with the pain or discomfort. Every procedure is done in the same clinic by the same friendly and caring doctor. Being an experience family dentist and capable of all the special procedures provide you a single point contact in term of scheduling, family dental records. She can do the checkup, cleaning, ortho and any other dental procedures at the same visit, meet the needs of our fast-paced modern life.


For the same dental procedure, you also have garden variety of options, ex: for orthodontic treatment, you can choose either conventional metal brackets, or esthetic ceramic brackets. For the anxious patients, she’ll use laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide), oral sedation or behavior management skills to calm down patients before and during the procedure.


101 Dental is a family friendly dental service. Dr. Chang has treated toddlers as well as elderlies. She is voted as the best mom dentist by her 4 years old daughter.


Dr. Chang is the members of a lot of dental professional organization, American Society of Orthodontics and Advanced General Dentistry. She is also appointed as biographic candidate for Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Dental Professionals.

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